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If you have ever dreamed about acheiving elite fitness, you have come to the right spot.

eatsleepWOD is much more than a well crafted series of paragraphs written on an 8th grade reading level. I use nouns, pronouns, verbs, and proverbs to help you understand crossfit.

Whether you have just heard about crossfit, been crossfitting for a while, or are a coach/box owner – eatsleepWOD is here to help you become a better athlete by clearing up common misconceptions about crossfit and helping you forge elite fitness.

If you are looking to become a better version of yourself through fitness, you are in the right spot.

Stories of crossfitters who had some misconceptions.

Through the years, I have seen many friends start their journey to elite fitness. Each of them were skeptical in the beginning, but eventually found that they loved it.

Here are a few of their stories:

Lindsay Vaughn

Lynn Jones

I imagine the first time I heard about CrossFit was nearly 10 years ago.

In my mind it was these crazy fit people who just did pull-ups and hand stand push ups neither of which I could do so I kind of wrote it off.

I went to the gym, played soccer, ran a couple marathons and I wasn’t about to eat Paleo. Every once in a while I would check the CrossFit main site and try and understand what the hell a snatch was.

My husband and I talked about trying it, but we both wanted to get in shape (be able to do some pull-ups) and we were really struggling with paying $100/month each for a gym membership.

In 2013 we finally bought a Groupon and decided we would give it a shot.

We went through an On-Ramp program, I could do a few pull-ups and we moved well enough through the other movements that we felt like maybe we wouldn’t completely embarrass ourselves.
Just before we headed to our last On-Ramp session I had a Doctors appointment, because I just wasn’t feeling like myself… we learned that I was carrying our second child.

I was too sick the first trimester to even go to a single CrossFit class. My husband attended for three months without me and he was so happy and always talking about these wonderful people and how much fun he was having. I finally started feeling better and 3 months pregnant I started CrossFit.

That’s right I started CrossFit pregnant.

I gained about 35 pounds and could still do a few pull-ups the day before I had my daughter and was determined to get back as fast as I could. I ended up having an unplanned C-section, but still returned to CrossFit 5 weeks after delivering (March 2014) in June my coaches and I decided it was time to start pushing the limits.

I was hungry.

I loved this stuff. I loved the constant variation. I loved getting better everyday. If I just showed up… I got better. 2 years later I am still obsessed. I still get better everyday.

1381511_10156600325175398_8311697565884668261_n-2I eat Paleo-ish and that gym membership fee?

I would find the money, I would give up my coffee habit, my clothing addiction, mow the neighbors lawn, whatever it took to cover it if I had to.

CrossFit is my therapy. I go 5-6 days a week at 5:00am and I am a better wife, Mother, employee, daughter, friend because of it.

Cory Chase

Give Crossfit a Shot

This blog is for all those people who are curious about crossfit and getting in shape, but are still a little skeptical.

Crossfit has changed the lives of my friends above and it can help you as well.

If I can convince you to try it, please leave a comment below with your story.

Meet bRAD

1069240_10200193750591242_533881048_nI am a catholic, a husband, a father, and a dude who works out in his gayrage with a bunch of other dads at night after we all put our kids to bed.

Why is it called the gayrage?

Because every time my neighbours walk by, we get the look. Bunch of dudes all hot and bothered in a small gayrage together.

I started my crossfit journey on a 30 day free trial at Crossfit refinery. I was doing crossfit on my own at Golds Gym (aka GloboGym) and the owner of Crossfit Refinery told me that I would get a much different experience if I joined his box and did crossfit with the group classes.

I never looked back.

I took my background as a football player from Boise State University and found a way to channel my competitive drive, make friends, and achieve elite fitness. 4 kids later I am still hanging on to my fitness (now in my gayrage) with some other dads.

Life changes, but the goal is still the same.

So what are you waiting for?

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